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DAFT 2022 attendees holding hands in a circle


DAFT 2023 is hosting lots of fun workshops. These are at either BATS Theatre or Two/Fiftyseven Willis Street.

Participating in a Workshop

  • You need to sign up if you want to come to a workshop.

  • You can come to as few or as many workshops as you want to.

  • All workshops are koha.

Workshops are only open to disabled, neurodivergent, and/or d/Deaf people, and those with long-term health conditions (mental or physical), disabilities, etc. We don’t gatekeep, and you don’t have to identify as disabled, if you have lived experience you are welcome. Please see the FAQs for more info.

Accessible Improv Fun

Susan Williams and members of Silver Noodle Soup having fun

Tuesday 19th September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

Learn from a fellow disabled improvisor (and festival co-director!), and throw away your inhibitions, expectations, and a decent chunk of your dignity.

Accessible Improv Fun. (A joyful taster for disabled and D/deaf people to try improv, play games, and connect.)

Facebook Event: Improv Workshop One

BATS Event: DAFT Improv Workshop with Susan Williams

Comedy Workshop

Thursday 21st September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

Getting Started in Stand-up Comedy

A fun no-pressure overview of everything you need to know to get a mic in your face for the first time. Learn techniques for joke-writing and delivery, where and how to get practice, and how to avoid many common mistakes new performers make.

Register via BATS website. Koha (suggested $20), but pay what you can.

Facebook Event: Comedy Workshop with Neil Thornton

BATS Event: Daft Workshop - Neil Thornton's Comedy Class 

Neil Thornton smiling

Drama Workshop

Members of Silver Noodle Soup having fun

Friday 22nd September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

Join award-winning Silver Noodle Soup Film and Theatre Company for a drama workshop like no other! These festival favourites create a safe and joyful space.

Facebook Event: Drama Workshop with Silver Noodle Soup

BATS Event: DAFT Drama Workshop with Silver Noodle Soup

Techniques for Disabled Improvisors

Tuesday 26th September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

Workshop two: Techniques for disabled improvisors. (For disabled and D/deaf performers with some prior experience, who want to take their improv skills to the next level.)

Facebook Event: Improv Workshop 2

BATS Event: Techniques for Disabled Improvisers

Instagram Improv 2 ws_edited.jpg

Writing Workshop

Creatif Kate chewing a pen

Wednesday 27th September,



Join festival Co-director Creatif Kate for an online writing workshop.

Bring rough drafts, new ideas, and blank pages to shape into something special.

Suitable for all levels.

Please let the team know your accessibility needs when you sign up!

Facebook Event:  Writing Workshop with Creatif Kate

Booking Information:

Book via and you'll be sent the Zoom link.

Drag Workshop

Friday 29th September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

Discover your drag character, create a catchy name, and bring them to life!

Learn about stage presence, song choice, incorporating your existing talents, and how to drive a crowd wild with excitement!

Facebook Event: Drag Workshop with Willy SmacknTush

BATS Event: Drag Workshop

Willy is pictured in full drag mid performance. He is wearing a royal looking purple and gold outfit, a big ginger wig, and a crown to match the outfit.

Dance Workshop

Sumara and members of WIDance are photographed in black and white, behind the DAFT theatre curtain design. Some people are sitting, some are posing, some are in motion and are blurred.

Friday 29th September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

Join WIDance for a playful dance experience, where we will warm up to some fun tunes, create mini dances, and find new ways of moving and grooving on the dance floor.

Facebook Event: Dance Workshop with WIDance

BATS Event: DAFT Workshop - Dance and Movement


Am I ‘disabled enough’? Do I have to identify as disabled?

We do not gatekeep, and we do not tolerate gatekeeping. If you have something relatively long term going on, that affects you or your life, then you are more than welcome, this could include all sorts of things, from a long term health condition, a mental illness, an invisible condition, neurodivergence (or suspected neurodivergence) of all flavours (dyslexia, ADHD, ASD, etc., etc., etc.), Hard of Hearing, d/Deaf, chronic fatigue, long COVID, depression, anxiety, aging related conditions, etc. etc.

If it impacts your day to day life and/or access needs, and is in the vague categories of disability, health condition, long-term mental health condition, HoH/d/Deaf, and neurodivergent, then you are more than welcome!

Do I have to have a diagnosis?

No, we don’t gatekeep and we know there are a lot of barriers to diagnosis, particularly in marginalised communities. Whether you are questioning if you have a certain thing, or you know you do but can’t get diagnosed, you are more than welcome.

Do I have to prove I have a disability, or that I am d/Deaf or neurodivergent?

No. Absolutely not. You do not have to prove anything, or even disclose your disability. We simply want to keep this a space for those with lived experience of disability, and/or being d/Deaf and/or neurodivergent. No matter how you choose to identify, if you have that lived experience, you are welcome as a workshop participant, and/or as a performer.

I am a family member/partner/friend/ally of a disabled, neurodivergent, or d/Deaf person. Can I perform and attend workshops?

Only if you are also disabled, neurodivergent, d/Deaf, or have a long term condition, illness, etc. yourself. Of course, anyone performing or attending the workshops is welcome to bring a support person.

Do I have to disclose my disability?

Not at all. It is public knowledge that all performers and workshop participants are part of the community, but beyond that, any information you choose to share is up to you.

If you need anything specific in terms of access needs, we’ll need to know what you need, but we only have to know you need it, not why you need it.​

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