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Venues and Access

DAFT is hosted at 2 different accessible venues, Two/Fiftyseven Willis and BATS theatre, both in Wellington city centre. 

We are committed to accessibility and you can find information about venues and general accessibility on this page.

You can also read DAFT's Kaupapa and Code of Conduct on a separate page.


A view of Two/Fiftyseven Willis from Victoria Street

Two/Fiftyseven Willis

The entrance to two/fiftyseven is from 70 Victoria Street.  Look for the door between JB Hi-Fi and the Caffeinated Dragon.  The Willis Street entrance will be closed.


There is a short ramp leading up to the elevators.  DAFT team members will guide you from the Victoria Street entrance to the venue when you arrive.


There will be ticket sales at the door unless the show has sold out. Check our website to see if door sales are available.

BATS outside the front entrance

BATS Theatre

BATS is located at 1 Kent Terrace.  The accessible ramped entrance with handrails is located to the left of the building front. It is accessible when the theatre is open. There is a call panel at the entrance which connects to the Box Office. 

The accessible entrance provides direct access to the foyer and bar area and a wheelchair accessible Box Office counter and bathroom on the ground floor as well as The Stage. There is clear access when you are inside to The Stage and an accessible toilet.

Here is a link to a detailed explanation of landmarks and areas inside BATS.

At BATS, the seating is in seating blocks with quite high steps with a rail. The seats have arms that are close together. On the audience right/ stage left there will be a couple of rows of free standing chairs without arms. 


The front row has is a space for wheelchairs and free standing chairs. We have allocated one or two spaces for wheelchairs without having to shuffle chairs but will shuffle chairs if need be so people can sit together. There will also be at least one beanbag for floorsitting. 


On the night of the performances, we will invite people in certain communities or who need certain seating requirements in first.


To make an accessibility request please click the “make a request button” on the left side of each workshop or show’s BATS website page.

BATS "Make a Request" button showing its in the "Accessibility" section of a BATS page


Here is some general accessibility information and information for specific needs. For venue info, please see the "Venues" section above.

All Performances

You are welcome to stim, wriggle, fidget, move around if you need. Please keep off stage if at all possible, but otherwise you are welcome to stand up and move about if you need. If you think you might want to stand up,  we recommend that you grab a free standing seat in the front row, which will make it easier for you. Let us know if you would like help and  we can help find right seat for you.


It should go without saying, but all Assistance Dogs are Welcome!!! Support people are also welcome but please book a ticket for them so we have a chair available. You can use a ‘free’ option on the sliding scale when booking for your support person. 


Wellbeing Wingpeople are available to assist you and they will be wearing beads to provide another sensory cue to identify them with. 

Relaxed Performances

We ask you to come in quietly and stay quiet in the foyer before and after, to provide a safe sensory experience for your fellow theatre goers. We also ask if you can please ‘click’ rather than clap, and if there is audience interaction please whisper rather than shout. If you would like to enter the auditorium early to get out of the crowd, please ask and we can let you in. 


Relaxed performances will have reduced volume/soft auditorium lighting. Stim toys will be available. 


There is an option to book a companion ticket at no charge. Anyone who needs a companion is welcome to use this option, you don’t have to prove or explain why you need to bring a companion with you, if you need a free companion ticket, then please book one.


AD (Audio Description) is provided by our community Audio Describers, trained and advised by blind people.
For shows the AD is delivered through radio transmitters, these have a headphone jack, you can bring your own headphones, or use the single over ear headphone provided.
For workshops with AD, the community Audio Describer will sit with you and ensure you have access to visual information.

Any event that does not have AD is expected to be accessible to blind and low vision audiences and participants without it.

To book AD shows

Book normally through BATS website, there is no need to book a specific AD ticket, if there is no touch tour please arrive 20 mins before show start for intro and getting set up with AD equipment.
If you require a companion you can book their ticket at the same, just select the free companion option for their ticket. 


Please check this website and Facebook for updates on NZSL. You can also check out the NZSL video for Five Slices of Another Life on Facebook.

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