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Susan Williams running a workshop at BATS


DAFT 2023 contains 8 different events, hosted at BATS Theatre or Two/Fiftyseven Willis Street. 

The Launch Party

Red theatre curtains surround the image of many people sat at a table getting to know each other. In the foreground, the person on the left is bent over and pulling a silly face while sticking out their tongue; the person on the right is laughing very hard and having a great time!

Saturday 16th September,



Two-FIftyseven Logo_edited.jpg

It’s back! Bolder, longer, more accessible, and with slightly more joint pain, it’s DAFT 2023!

Join us at two/fiftyseven on Willis St at 5pm to celebrate the launch of DAFT 2023.

There'll be speeches (short ones), mini performances, food, the chance to speed date an artist, and plenty of opportunity to celebrate the talent found in the d/Deaf, Disabled, and neurodiverse communities.

All welcome.

Facebook Event: The Launch Party

Your Body Is a Wasteland

Saturday 16th to

Saturday 30th September,



Sometime in the future, their world ends.

That's only the beginning. Piece together digital remnants of a forgotten world, following our protagonist as they travel the apocalyptic wastes. A deeply felt story of chronic illness, time, and hope.

When your body betrays you, where can you turn?

You will be able access the show on this website.

Facebook Event: Your Body Is a Wasteland

A person dressed in post-apocalyptic gear, wearing a gas mask

Social Sundays

Red theatre curtains surround a photo of people getting to know each other. A bearded man in the foreground wears a pink striped beanie hat and is deep in conversation.

Sundays 17th and 24th September, 2pm-4:30pm

Two-FIftyseven Logo_edited.jpg


Spend time getting to know your fellow artists and build community!

Bring your crafts, your art, your writing, your favourite board games, some snacks, and hang out!

Stay for the whole time or drop in for a quick chat. Everyone welcome.

Facebook Event: Social Sundays

Five Slices of Another Life – development season

Thursday 21st to Friday 23rd September,


Sunday 24th September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png
Seven different disabled and/or neurodiverse performers in the line drawing style of a graphic novel. Each member has a pop of colour on a piece of clothing they are wearing. The background is a drawn cityscape experiencing a meteor shower.

Two women wait to be rescued from a burning building. Another finds salvation in a box of chickens. Things get awkward in a cafe. A detective investigates himself, and a blind seer delivers one last prophecy.

Five new Kiwi short plays, written by and featuring disabled and neurodiverse folk – are you ready to step into another life?

This show has NZSL on Sept 21st and 22nd
Audio Description on Sept 23rd and 24th
Relaxed Performance Sept 24th

Facebook Event: Five Slices of Another Life – development season

BATS Event: Five Slices of Another Life – development season

Palsy it Up!

Red theatre curtains surround Dave's face against a purple background. He is grinning broadly and his blue/green eyes shine brightly.

Sunday 24th September,


Friday 29th September, 


BATS Theatre
AD, Subtitles 

BATS logo_edited.png

If you liked ten minutes of Dave Batten last year, you're in luck! The rest of his set is HERE in full-length glory.

Expect self-deprecation, social commentary, hearty guffaws, and unrestrained honesty.

Dave presents his comedy as a slide show with inbuilt subtitles. He is a comedian with athetoied cerebral palsy who loves making people laugh.

Facebook Event: Palsy It Up!

BATS Event: DAFT - Palsy It Up

Scratch Night

26th September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

All new performances from DAFT participants!

Witness a wide range of talent from individuals and groups! Check out how many art forms we can cram into one evening!

Bite-sized work-in-progress, raw, unpolished new and developing pieces from local writers, dancers, makers, and creatives.

Have you (a disabled and/or D/deaf artist) got something you want to share? Get in touch! You're guaranteed a live, generous, art-loving audience.

Facebook Event: Scratch Night

BATS Event: DAFT Scratch Night

Red theatre curtains surround an image of a microphone with spotlights streaming onto it.

Body of Work

Red theatre curtains surround Melanie who is pictured with her walker. Her left leg is raised and she has a grimacing smile on her face. She is wearing a '50s style outfit. The image is repeated in cartoon shadow style in purple with a yellow background.

28th September,


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

‘Body of Work’ by Melanie McKerchar is a poetry show that explores what it means to be a woman with a body that is chronically ill, disabled, and plus sized. There will be laughter, tears, wombs, and boobs. It is hard work loving a body that society deems unworthy, but this show shouts: all bodies are good bodies!

Facebook Event: Body of Work

BATS Event: DAFT - Body of Work

Chronic Club Caberet

30th September, 


BATS Theatre

BATS logo_edited.png

Celebrate the success of DAFT '23 with MC (and festival co-director) Creatif Kate as she hosts (probably horizontally) an extravaganza of talent from all corners of the cabaret scene. Opera, burlesque, drag, and performance art like you've never seen before!

Starring: Laura Loach, Vixen Temple, ShaZaah, Blood Baby, Maggie Rose as LaLa, & more!

Stick around for the closing ceremony and after party!

Facebook Event: Chronic Club Cabaret

BATS Event: DAFT - Chronic Club Cabaret

Red theatre curtains surround and image of Creatif Kate who stands in front of a purple background. She is wearing a sparkly blue jumpsuit with lipstick and microphone cover to match.
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